STEP ONE : Wash your hands. You do not want to handle your falsies with dirty hands, as this could cause an eye infection

STEP TWO : Apply oil-free makeup remover over the eyelash to remove the glue. Press down on your lid with one finger and gently lift up the eyelash with the other. Slowly peel the band inwards. Lashes should come off easily, without any discomfort

STEP THREE : Moisten a cotton ball or a Q-tip in oil-free makeup remover. Run the swab from the tip to the end of the fake lashes until all glue is off

STEP FOUR : Use tweezers to remove any glue leftovers that are stuck on the lash band. With one hand, pull off the glue with the tweezers. Meanwhile, with the other hand hold the eyelash with the pads of your fingers

STEP FIVE : Dip a fresh cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe it along the lash strip for a disinfection and for multiple re-application later



STEP ONE : Allow lashes to dry completely before putting them away. You should never store your lashes while being wet

STEP TWO : Place your false lashes back in the original box

STEP THREE : Keep your eyelashes out of direct sunlight. There is a possibility the color of lashes may lighten up due to it’s natural mink hair. Try to store them in a drawer or a darker place