STEP ONE: Curl your natural lashes
Use an eyelash curler to curl your natural lashes. Curling your natural lashes creates a base that will seamlessly support your XOXO lashes

STEP TWO: Apply mascara
Apply one coat of mascara to your natural lashes BEFORE applying your 3D mink eyelashes. This will help your natural lashes to blend in with your XOXO false lashes

STEP THREE: Trim the strip
To help your falsies fit your eye shape, give them a quick trim. Our flexible lash band is easy to cut. Either trim them to fit the length of your eye or cut the falsie into smaller segments to apply them in two or more steps to give you better control.
Tip: For a more delicate and natural look, wear only half a strip on the outer half of your lid

STEP FOUR: Apply your lashes 
Put your tweezers to work! You can use tweezers to hold the eyelashes in place as you gently press them along your lash line. If not, use your fingers

STEP FIVE: Let your glue become tacky
Apply glue to the lash band. When the fake lashes are ready to be applied, the glue will feel tacky

STEP SIX: Eyeliner covers it all
Apply black eyeliner along the lash band to help your falsies blend seamlessly with your natural lash line

STEP SEVEN: Repeat steps above as necessary on your second eye


Simply as that! You’ve managed to apply your gorgeous XOXO falsies! One of the best things about your 3D mink lashes is that you get to wear them over and over again – even up to 30 times! Remember, they are cruelty free lashes!